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  • Windshield Cracks and Chips are repaired fast at Lonestar Collision Repair Center

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    Even minor cracks and chips can develop into serious issues if left unrepaired.

    At Lonestar Collision Repair Center in Bastrop, we can provide a full range of windshield repair techniques that can help you avoid the expense of a full windshield replacement.

    Our staff is trained in all the latest techniques and strategies for repairing your windshield.

    The laminated auto glass used for windshields consists of two layers of specialty glass connected by a center layer of plastic film and adhesive to hold it together. This prevents the glass from shattering on impact and ensures a greater degree of protection for drivers and passengers if a collision should occur.

    The unique three-layer construction of windshield glass ensures that minor cracks and chips do not create extensive damage immediately; instead, the bumps and impacts experienced during normal driving will gradually increase the size and severity of the crack or chip. By repairing these problems quickly, you can often reduce the costs of auto glass repair services.

    At , we offer services to the greater Bastrop area for restoring your windshield to its previous condition. We use advanced technology and factory-approved sealants and glass repair materials to ensure the best possible visibility. Our adhesives dry clear and create nearly undetectable repairs, allowing you to enjoy added safety on the road.

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